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99.5% of participants would refer our courses to others in the energy industry.


“We felt like this course was developed specifically for us.”

The energy industry is unique, so we've developed a series of courses designed to give energy industry employees the skills they need to effectively communicate on behalf of the industry in nearly any situation. Unlike many of our competitor’s canned trainings, each of our sessions are highly interactive and customized to meet the specific needs of your industry and organization, and the situations you and your employees face everyday. 

Field Training

Field employees are often the most visible representations of their companies, yet often don’t have the necessary skills to manage conflict or even answer basic questions about their company or industry. One of our most sought-after sessions, our half-day Communications for the Field course provides frontline employees basic skills they can use to better manage everyday situations, from basic questions about what they do to the most challenging situations that, if not handled correctly, often end up in litigation.

Who Should Attend: Field and corporate personnel on the front lines where energy development is occurring.

Incident Response

How companies respond in the minutes and hours immediately following an incident could have a dramatic impact on reputation, future litigation or even stock price. Many times, official company spokespeople are hours away, frequently leaving untrained field personnel in the direct line of fire with media, community leaders or neighbors demanding information. This half-day session gives participants the skills needed to effectively deliver simple, appropriate messages and allow them to buy time until official spokespeople can make their way to the scene.

Who Should Attend: Field supervisors, EH&S personnel and others who could be one of the first at the scene of an incident. 

Impactful Testimony

Gone are the days when subject-matter experts could simply show up and provide half-baked testimony to legislative committees or regulatory agencies. These meetings are now frequently targeted by funded and prepared opposition groups and it is essential to have prepared experts who can provide compelling testimony and answer tough questions.

Who Should Attend: Industry subject-matter experts interested in acquiring the skills needed to provide effective testimony that persuades legislators and regulators.

“This is the best training i've ever had.”


Great Media Interviews

Communicating through the media requires a unique set of skills and our half-day media training course prepares organizational spokespeople to deliver the messages they want to deliver in even the most hostile of situations.

 Who Should Attend: Executives and official spokespeople.

Especially for Landmen

First impressions matter and our “Frontline Training for Landmen” course is designed to prepare landmen for the unique challenges they face as their company’s first and often primary point of contact with key stakeholders. This highly interactive course provides landmen with tools to make a good impression, build trust and develop lasting relationships with stakeholders that will benefit the company for years to come.

Who should attend: Landman with 0 to 50 years of experience. 

Effective Royalty Relations

Royalty Relations staff are often a primary point of contact for key stakeholders, yet are often the least prepared to deal with many of the questions and situations that come their way. This half-day session provides attendees with skills to effectively listen, get the core of a caller’s issue and quickly find information that leads to resolution. Special emphasis is given to communication on the telephone or via email.

 Who Should Attend: Royalty relations staff and front desk personnel. 

Participants have included every level of energy-industry employee - from CEOs to rig hands.

Of the more than 2,000 energy-industry employees we've trained, the feedback speaks for itself:

  • 99% would refer our course to others in their organization

  • 81% requested a refresher course

  • 100% said they feel more prepared to deal with the tough situations they face everyday

I truly enjoyed and appreciated Nancy and Larry and their invaluable knowledge.
— Lease Operator
My employees who attended this class have approached me and said that it’s the best training they have ever had.
— Natural Gas Executive
This is by far the best class I have attended in my 30-year career. Instructors were excellent.
— Oil & Natural Gas Operations Director
I wouldn’t change anything. I think it was excellent!
— Wind Energy Executive
I wish I would have had this course 30 years ago.
— Veteran Landman

Meet the Trainers

Larry Holdren and Nancy Farrar have been workng in communities throughout the country experiencing energy development for more than 20 years each. They’ve directly managed communication with media and other stakeholders and have trained more than 2,000 energy industry employees to be more effective communicators – from routine interactions in the field, to expert testimony in front of government entities, to interviews with media outlets such as CBS Evening News, CNN and NPR. Companies that have benefitted from their expertise include Devon Energy, EDF Renewable Energy, Noble Energy, Encana, BP America, Vantage Energy and many others. 



Larry Holdren is president of Denver-based Holdren Strategic Communications, where he is considered a go-to resource for organizations facing crisis and other tough situations. As an established counselor and trainer, Larry’s long list of energy clients has included BP, Devon, Encana, Noble, Marathon and Anadarko, among many others. His energy-related work has literally taken him to nearly every geographic region of the country where energy development is occurring, and he is a specialist in understanding the unique dynamics of local communities and how to message and effectively talk about issues related to oil & natural gas development. He is also a co-founder and director of the Colorado Energy + Water Institute, an annual invitation-only event that brings together energy and water thought leaders. 



Nancy Farrar is President of Farrar Public Relations in Fort Worth. She began the company in 1999, and has been primarily focused on the energy sector, specifically oil and gas, for the past 10 years. She has been instrumental in creating and implementing community relations and public affairs programs for various operators in Texas, Pennsylvania and Colorado. She is an expert in crisis communications and media relations in the industry, and has guided company leaders in the successful management of both emergency and non-emergency situations. As an industry communications leader, she and partner, Larry Holdren, conduct communications training for every level of employee in the oil and gas industry, from lease operators and royalty relations staff, to executive level media and crisis response training.


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